"I've been looking for someone that could help me with y constant lower back pain and the tightness I get in my shoulders from constantly being hunched over my computer. Micheal was very attentive to my needs and had a real knowledge of muscle manipulation techniques that worked on both of my trouble spots. He asked me to describe my problem areas and he knew exactly what to do. His massage studio is very comfortable and a perfect setting to relax into a 90 minute stress relieving massage session. I recommend him to everyone , especially my gym buds."


Michael is awesome! He is flexible with appointments, he is also very intuitive in figuring out where my tight muscles are, and he applies just the right amount of pressure to loosen all the knots. I've been a client for over a year now, and he knows my body better than myself. I often have back and shoulder pain due to long hours of sitting at the desk, and Michael knows how to combine pressure and stretching to relief all the aches and pain. I just had an appointment with Michael on Friday, after a long, physically and mentally draining week, and I went home feeling relaxed and refreshed (like always).


Micheal is awesome ! I get regular massages for my back and shoulders and my first time experience with Micheal was really good. He applied just the right amount of pressure and made me feel so relieved. His special focus on my calves and glutes was remarkable. Even scheduling was no big problem and he was able to accommodate me at the very last moment. I would definitely come back again. Thanks Mike